I'm a Portland, Oregon based software engineer and leader with far too many interests for my own good. I'm currently employed at Nike as a Senior Engineering Manager where I work as part of the Nike+ Platform group within Nike Digital. If you've used the Nike+ Run Club or Nike Training Club apps, your data goes to the systems my team built. More recently, I've been shifting focus as part of our Personalization initiative. I'm also the host of the Nike Digital Tech Talks, an internal evangelist and organizer of our open-source program, and a champion of building a strong and healthy engineering culture.

At various times I have been:

  • a software engineer, architect, lead, and manager
  • the founder and organizer of the PNWScala conference (currently on hold)
  • a conference speaker at OSCON (2010, 2015) & AWS re:invent 2016
  • a user group founder & organizer, including DorkbotPDX, PDXScala, and various of others
  • a presenter at a variety of user groups and internal company events

I have more books than I know what to do with and not enough time to read them all. Which is how it should be. I adore dogs, especially my own, and I love watching movies and binging on great British TV with my wife (we're Anglophiles).