Moving to Boston... Eventually

Yup, that’s right, as the title says, we’ve decided Boston is the place. Nicole’s applying to law school for next year and we’ve decided that instead of applying all over the place she’s just going to apply to schools in the Boston area. I think the list includes Suffolk, Northeastern, Boston University and Harvard last I heard. Seems like I’m forgetting one, but I’m sure she’ll tell me when she reads this. Anyway, shes more than qualified for most of those and within the higher ranks of candidates for Harvard, so it’s not so much where she’ll be accepted to as how much money they want to give her. Of course, if Harvard accepts her, how can we honestly turn that down? We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m excited about the move, both Nicole and I were born in Boston (more properly, she was born in Cambridge), but I haven’t been back since then. We’re going to hopefully go visit later this fall and see what neighborhoods we like, what the schools are like and all that sort of stuff.

We’re hoping that I can keep my current job and work remotely when we move, the precedent has already been set by one of my coworkers, but I have yet to discuss this option with my boss. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

As most people are aware, Boston’s a little pricier on average than Austin, but we think we could still survive on my income plus whatever Nicole gets in the way of scholarships, grants, loans, and such. And if all else fails, there’s a lot of high tech in the Boston area, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a new job if I need to. There’s even a couple of my current employer’s customers up there, so I might have a foot in the door with them.

I’m hoping that I can continue my gradual progress towards a degree up there. I mean, there’s like 30 or 40 colleges and universities in the area, so it shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m not sure what the transitions going to do to my life in terms of available time for stuff like that. There are definitely some cool programs there. Harvards even got an extension program that’s rather prestigious (and, get this, it’s an open admissions program). Not sure what’s going to happen, but I’m excited about the prospects.

I guess the only other big unknown is of a social nature. For me this involves both making friends and having good music to listen to (and possibly get involved in). No real answers here, just got to go up there and see what its like. I’ll let you know. Or, if you have any ideas, let me know.