Quetzacoatl's Cakehole

So, back in the mid nineties, a couple of years after dropping out of UT, I was involved with a couple of guys in a musical experiment of sorts. You might call it a band, but I’m not sure that would have been the best way to describe it. Granted, that may have been how others would have described us, but it doesn’t seem to really capture the way we thought of ourselves.

Truth is, I don’t really know what to call it, but it was fun. Well, mostly. A lot of the fun we had was just sitting around scheming about how we were going to manipulate the minds of our listeners. Yeah, we were one of those sort of bands.

Well, the whole reason I’m thinking about this is because last night I stumbled upon an interesting bit of archealogical memorabilia in the dark recesses of Google. What I found was the 1996 Austin Chronicle Musicians Register. Basically, what we discovered was that each person could submit one entry for the register. Since there were five members in the band, we submitted five entries. Only one of these reflected our then current name (which has a little bit of history of it’s own, but I’m not the best person to be telling that story): Psychivore. But one of these is also a slight variation on a name that we had used in an earlier incarnation.

And now… here’s the list along with the descriptions we submitted. Personally, I think some of these are just crying out to be used for real. Guess I’ll have to start another band one of these days.

Quetzalcoatl’s Cakehole & The Aztec Espionage Empire


Household Cleansers



Sesquipedalian zygomatic non-feathered bipeds discombobulating simpering chanteuses. Titillating telepathic technicians: cerebellum connoisseurs devouring discomforts. Sesquicentennial celebratory sanitized stereographic selection, serendipitously serene satire. Alliteratively alleviating alienation answering anomalous query. Psychivore, with poison control Matt.

Linoleum Freud


Unquestioningly Delicious Hothballs & The Supercilious Taun-Taun Riders