A Return to Blogging

I’ve decided to give a new browser a spin and see how it handles things. As my last post may have indicated to you already, the browser in question is called Flock. It makes a claim towards being the browser for the web 2.0 world. Well, maybe not so specifically, but it integrates various web-services in an attempt to make the browsing experience a little more… well, just more. It’s hard to explain exactly what it brings to the table without simply listing it’s features and that’s just boring, so I’ll leave it to this fine review on ExtremeTech to do that for me.

Anyway, among the features that are important to me, I will mention one: it has an integrate blog posting tool. I know I’ve made the claim in the past that various tools might finally lead me to keeping up with this blogging thing a little better, but putting the tool right in the browsers seems to me the right way to get it done.