Interesting Set of Extensions to Camping

I haven’t gotten a change to really dig into it yet, but it looks like zimbatm has created a nice little package of add-ons for Camping. I’m not sure how this jibes with the idea of keeping camping small and lightweight (on the other hand, camping does require ActiveRecord which is anything but lightweight), but it does look like most of the code (I just took a quick look at a few of the source files) is nice and streamlined – following similar goals to the Camping source code itself.

I like the idea of creating sets of simple extensions for Camping. I think that with just the right combination of small add-ons it could turn into a very capable little framework. Hell, it already is…

One of these days I’m going to have to get around to my previously promised exposition on the internals of camping. Unfortunately, why keeps going and changing things on me. It looks like some of the most recent changes have even been contributed by mr. zimbatm himself.