post to Opposable Thumbs

First, if you’ve visited here in the last month or so (not just reading my feed), you probably noticed that I set up my bookmarks to actually get saved as posts here. Over the course of time, it started looking pretty awful considering my relatively infrequent posts (I mean the real posts with actual content written by me).

So, I’ve reconfigured the tool that was posting those links here to save them to a separate category called, appropriately enough, ‘Bookmarks.’ You can find this in the list on the right. Currently, they don’t appear anywhere else on the blog, but at least they’re getting saved here. Eventually, I’ll probably add snippet to the sidebar that will show the latest handful of links. I just need to figure out a way to do this that loads enough of the content to make it worthwhile since so many of the sites I link to have such useless page titles set – which is, of course, the default name used for the link. Occasionally I change the name of the link myself, but often I forget to do or otherwise choose not to.

Anyway, for those of you who just read my stuff via the feed, you probably won’t notice a big difference. Since I run my feed through Feedburner, I simply reconfigured it to start adding in my daily posts again. Handy tool, that Feedburner.