A few Akka posts

Update: unfortunately, the Safari Books blog no longer seems to be around, so the following links are all pointed at their Archive.org copies.

Recently I was asked to write a few posts for the Safari Books Online blog. They were looking for Scala content, so I suggested Akka as a central theme. I wrote these posts with an audience in mind that hopefully would have been exposed to Scala (or could, at least, read a short Scala tutorial), but who had not yet written any Akka code. These posts will be nothing really new for experienced Akka developers, but clearly that’s not the point.

My main motivation in doing this has been that I’ve consistently noticed a need for a very simple introduction to Akka. I’ve seen this at PDXScala meetings, in the #akka IRC channel and through a variety of other forums. It’s not that there aren’t other good introductions out there (the one included in the Akka documentation itself is quite good). But it helps to provide more. In particular, I wanted to present them without overloading the reader with inessential details that might complicate the understanding.

Here are the posts I wrote in the order I had originally intended them. I made the mistake of not being terribly explicit in my final submission, so they were actually published in a slightly different order.